Space Planning

Space planning in home interior involves strategically arranging furniture, fixtures, and other elements to optimize functionality, flow, and aesthetics within a given space.

Lighting Design

Lighting design involves creating a well-balanced and visually appealing lighting scheme that enhances the atmosphere, highlights architectural features, and meets the functional needs of different areas within the space.

Colour Consultancy

Colour consultancy involves expert guidance and advice on selecting the right colors for walls, furniture, accessories, and other elements to create harmonious and visually pleasing environments that reflect the desired style and evoke the desired emotions in a space.

Interior Design

Interior design involves the art and science of creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and well-balanced spaces that reflect the clients' style, preferences, and lifestyle.

3D Renders

3D renders involve the creation of realistic, computer-generated images that showcase the proposed design concepts, allowing clients to visualise and understand how the space will look before any physical changes are made.

Home Experiences

Home experiences involve curating and designing spaces that cater to specific activities or themes, such as creating a cosy reading nook, a home theatre, a spa-like bathroom, or a vibrant entertaining area.

Home Courses

Home courses offer structured educational programs or workshops that provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to design and decorate their own homes.

Online Courses

Online courses offer flexible learning opportunities, allowing students to gain knowledge and skills to create stylish and personalised home interiors at their own pace and from the comfort of their own homes.

3D Architecture

3D architecture involves the use of advanced software and techniques to create highly realistic and detailed three-dimensional representations of architectural spaces, allowing clients and designers to visualise and analyse the interior design elements.

Our Process


We take a brief from you to understand your dream goal and then share with you our vision which includes colours, fabrics and furniture pieces.


We design your space in 2D, understand your layout and then create 3D visualisations. We can even let you see your room with a virtual reality headset.


We can either provide you with a shopping list, or we can source items for you at trade cost, or have bespoke furniture made to finish your interior.


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